The shareables



Meet homeboy on the left, a beautiful kumquat smash. Bourbon, kumquats, brandied cherries, ginger beer and lemon–which was definitely better than Yael’s southern mule on the right.  Anyway, enter Vic’s, where you can get half portions of ridiculously epic pasta for $11. I know.


We were practically at a loss for words. This is the half portion, which is always nice when indulging a carb overload topped with cheese to the face. Broccoli, garlic galore and chiles. Life will never be the same.


To cancel out the pasta or whatever, this cod did the trick. Some kale, cannelini beans, toasted almonds…really delicious and full of flava flave.


This speaks for itself. Hazelnut, chocolate, mousse, more chocolate…it vanished into thin air in three minutes. That’s before the table next to us saw us ogling their pizza and offered us a slice. Obviously we took it. And it was fab.

Vic’s is a great dinner spot for a group, since there are a good amount of “shareables” and the prices are reasonable. The pasta is reason alone to head back ASAP and attack. It’s a pretty large restaurant, service was good (and so was the small mound of garlic bread and roasted squash appetizer; not pictured, you’ll have to trust.)


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