Them Tacos



I fell in love with Pulqueria via its epic throwback DJ who I notified would either have to marry me or dj at my wedding. I think he was unresponsive, but he was playing Donna Summers so I let it slide. Round one was filled with a spicy margarita tab, round two got down and dirty with some carbs.

FullSizeRender (3)

I’m a closet-ish meat eater. Not really though. I’m just more fishy than I am porky. Though little hunks in moderation are cool. Anyways, I vote fish taco for this round, it had the perfect hint of crispiness-turn-pimple in the morning. Which is fine, because the salad canceled that out. Not sure I’m a fan of the 2 tacos for $15 thing, because who the hell eats 2 tacos and calls it a night? No further commentary needed.

FullSizeRender (2)

This looks like a random, neon-splattered collage (merci mango), but it was an impressive salad. The flavors worked nicely. So did the goat cheese. I love goats.


And these tostadas were kind of, so you have to savor it like it were the last bundle of kale on planet earth, but you know when you spot the world “truffle” slapped on any menu, that’s a right of passage for a slice of surcharge. And than there’s the people (me, you, your annoying ass friend who still uses the word foodie), who swoon over the funghi smell, and cannot resist anything smothered in this truffle oil situation. And so it was fab, but short-lived.

ANYWAYS, I am an inherent rambler, it cannot be helped or avoided. I say Pulqueria is a must (it’s as if La Esquina had a cute step-sister, you know it’s not from the same mom, but it twerks/works). It’s a really fun scene at night (though 5 too many couples I would say). Then you get the “Some Like It Hot” margarita, which is basically a salad because of all that cucumber, and than you’re practically bikini-clad in Tulum, instead of frozen in “spring” in New York. IDK.


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