3 Brunch Ideas. Bon App.



Yes, that would be another documented egg, avocado and smoked salmon ensemble, because the lord knows all things I consume must be chronicled.

Ugh, the #yolkporn.

Anyways, EGGS. That beautiful thing up top was the result of an exploring marathon in Brooklyn. In which case, if you have not indulged at Allswell, please make your way there within the next seven minutes. I don’t think this dish needs a particular description, but revisiting it now is making me slightly hangry. Then…there was Ernie’s frittata, which was everything you could dream of in the egg world–mushrooms, marjoram, kale, ricotta and all.


Also. If you haven’t explored the realm of shakshuka, please educate yourself immediately. Essentially a poached egg spicy tomato concoction (it’s on my to-do list of things to make, but I’ve been a bit lazy…) I got a little sad about the bread (not pictured) not being a warm, toasty pita, but I inhaled it nonetheless, and it was delicious.


I’m a new 12 Chairs convert. Unpretentious setting and very reasonable prices with a no-wait situation at brunch means you are winning at life. Basically. Therefore, an $11 entree means I can still get two almond milk lattes and a new bright red Moleskine notebook and feel like all is good in the hood. And so I did.

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

I’ve been digging black and white lately.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Freeman’s has been on my list for probably a year at this point. I finally went. I’m going to admit that I like the warm, relaxed vibe a bit better than my kale. The eggs were beautifully poached, the crispy shallots were a mighty fine accessory, but…I think there may be better toasts out there in the world. It was good, but I saw someone eating some egg situation from a skillet that looked pretty epic. We also had a bottle of Riesling and a brownie so…all things in moderation, or whatever.


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