Eat This Salad



For those instances where planning brunch is as stressful as studying for the SAT’s…you should probably just go to Hundred Acres. This may just look like an ordinary farro salad but…it ain’t.

I promise I am fluent in farro, kale, and eggs, but this shit was nailed down to some kind of voodoo science. The combination of the roasted peanuts, the pomegranate molasses vinegar, and the sarvecchio cheese with just the right amount of kale equalled extreme happiness. I kind of felt like I was in a lavender field with a bottle of wine watching Vance Joy play live. And, obv, an egg is always essential.

The only downside was that my coffee was extremely unpleasant. I am typically a vacuum who cannot see anything go to waste, but after forcing myself to take six sips, I had to abort the mission and let my iced latte just sit there and melt in solitary confinement. ‘Twas a sad moment.

I can overlook the coffee and fact that the temperature inside the restaurant was slightly humid because this salad was actually epic. I think you have to taste it to believe it. Even though I photographed it from 47 different angles, you just need to inhale it for yourself.

That is all.


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