Long lost cousins, etc.



So I met a long lost cousin for the first time ever over a bowl of mussels and a bottle of Sancerre last October in NY (Flex Mussels, if you must know). It was a quick business trip, until she decided to move to the city for a few months, AKA now.


Without a fail, we are brunch soul mates every weekend. We have explored every egg dish and dessert around town from Brooklyn to SoHo. We also balance this off with boxing classes at Overthrow. This weekend was a special favorite. Say hello to my new love, Cafe Colette (and the fish tacos, which were love at first bite). Nestled somewhere in Williamsburg, this spot has the perfect little rustic outdoor garden with the kind of vibes that made me want to permanently reside in it.


So we were hangry. We each dove into the day with a nice frittata, accessorized with some fingerling potatoes, mushrooms, thyme, and a nice melted layer of fontina. Next up…

FullSizeRender (3)

I think my life changed a little after nibbling off bite #1 here. Everything from the perfectly pickled onions to the fresh fish, cabbage, cilantro, and chipotle mayo made me want this taco to be a part of my life until the end of time. Don’t underestimate the power of a grilled fish taco. Now please go inhale this immediately.

FullSizeRender (2)

After digesting, we were due for a snack. Walking around town can take a toll on you. In which case, MatchaBar to the rescue. and FYI, this homemade granola matcha bar of theirs is the real deal. Also, I bought some fresh matcha from Japan in August and am still yet to use it. I saw they offer classes at this spot, may have to go in and get schooled.

But you need to get to this matcha spot. It’s adorable, the staff are super friendly, and everything tastes delicious.

That is all.


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