Summer Called

Things to hoard.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 10.31.00 PM

It said bikini season has ariveth and thou shall stop closet eating truffle pizza and mounds of dark chocolate. Just Kidding. If I got that call, I would grumble a “wrong number” and return to my Popcorners. No, but really…

That’s all my typical blabber. Summer is here foreal because it’s 99 degrees inside and out of the subway and bodily fluids are starting to annunciate their presence on my commute and I want to start standing in the middle of the subway cart handing out mini complimentary deodorants and water bottles. Ain’t nobody got time for that though, so I’m compiling a shopping cart instead.

I cannot explain my infatuation with that black Stella McCartney monster clutch, but it feels like I just rekindled a relationship with a long lost twin, kind of like in Parent Trap, and we just need each other. It’s also on sale, so that’s cool. Just saying.

Other than that, the two essentials of summer are a pair of espadrilles and sandals. The winky ones are Soludos x Jason Polan and they’re awesome, and the snake sandals are Schutz and I have them in blue and could walk 500 miles in them. You need them. Illesteva sunglasses are so two years ago, but I still love them. Those white boyfriend Rag & Bone’s are currently on sale for $75, so sprint to Intermix and attack. T by Alexander Wang tops are the lobster and fries to my buttered roll, and that other beachy clutch is great for the beach and beyond. It’s Samudra.



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