Crostinis are funny.



Take a slab of baguette, toast it to your liking (or don’t), smother it with something spreadable, sprinkle it with a garnish. And boom, a crostini is born. If you’re feeling extra swanky, you can call it a tartine and just expand the circumference a bit. (That’s the extent of my math skills acquired over the years.)

At the moment, my apartment lacks bread and a toaster. But at the very same moment, Bar Primi is approximately a 12 minute walk from door to door. Therefore, when in dire need of a crostini, this place more than does the trick. See here the ricotta bruschetta topped with truffle honey and chopped hazelnuts. I wanted to swim in it. You should go here. Especially now, with the quaint outdoor seating, and get yourself a nice pasta and bottle of wine to the face. The only unimpressive part was the dessert selection, but that’s fine because I would never leave the house without dark chocolate in my purse.

Okay, now virtually linger and salivate through these alternative creative crostini options so you can DIY. With the $11.50 you save, you can purchase a good but cheap bottle Sauvignon Blanc from Chile.

Grilled fig, prosciutto, goat cheese on Honestly Yumm


I mean, everyone knows that fig and prosciutto are the holy children of the original crostini. A no-fail classic.

Butternut squash, arugula, and roasted garlic goat cheese on Blogging Over Thyme

blogging over thyme

And obv, a citrusy avocado kind of toast from Simple Provisions, because according to Man Repeller, avocados are “the Oprah of Instagram” (and we all know that’s a fact)

simple provisions


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