Brunch This

feast-worthy, Random Rambling.


Since the weekend is not around the corner at all because it’s only Tuesday, I thought it would be nice to pretend like it was Friday and get everyone hangry and motivated to survive the week. Here are some cultural activities and eats to ponder while you sip your ninth iced coffee.

Most epic and underrated brunch go-to that I kind of don’t want to share but really, really need to: Dudley’s. Chill, unpretentious vibes with simple, tasty and reasonably priced grub comes full swing in the LES. If you’re basic like me, you might get the avocado toast. But if you’re smart, you’ll share a bunch of shit and sneak the avo in there, plus the shrooms benedict, and the caramelized banana pancakes if you’re feeling ambitious (and your jeans button. Mine are debatable)


Okay, Narcissa wins for ambiance but failed for avocado toast. You would think it’s a simple feat to master, but the bread is crucial and this crunchy as a cracker toast thing was too thin to comfortably hold the gold—poached huevos and avo. So don’t get that. But that little tray of way-too-many cinnamon rolls, you can f*ck with that fasho. The place is cute and anything but standard for being…at The Standard (East Village).


I told you I would throw a piece of something cultural in yo grill—so here is The Whitney. I was a bit underwhelmed with the selection, but I also know nothing about art. It’s worth checking out just because, and it’s a fun area to mingle around post-museum-ing. Plus, on a gloomy gray day like this one, you may even leave with a cool Insta pic.


And if you’re willing to trek uptown, Central Park is the golden ticket. Whatever, Willy Wonka chocolate umpa lumpa I have no idea what I am saying but you should definitely pack a bag of Skinny Pop, a chilled bottle of Sancerre, cubes of parm and a book/good company/both and not move for days. Forget the dark chocolate and your life is over. I went with Renata and Brittany but I forgot the chocolate.



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