George Clooney of drinks



I’m not a soda person. I used to like iced tea. But then I met bourbon, so I went from Snapple to Bulleit real quick. There are few things I wouldn’t do for a fat iced almond milk latte or a gingery bourbon situation. Mulberry Project has never failed me…

It’s kind of like the George Clooney of bars for me. You know, better with age and never gets old (seriously George, let me get those face creams, merci) I’ll stop now and get to the drink because I’m starting to confuse the shit out of myself. If you have absolutely zero imagination, you can order a quick fix from the menu, but that defeats the whole point, so then you should just stay home and drink a beer. I hate beer.

Mulberry is a pick-your-poison kind of spot. My pitch goes something like this “hmm, something with bourbon, gingery, citrusy, not too sweet, I’m into herbs, I like a nice kick, I trust yo ass.” And boom, a few mysterious bitters are dashed, perhaps some egg whites beaten, fresh citrus is squeezed, and some kind of garnish for enhanced appearance is added, often a mint sprig or a twisted lemon peel. I can drink 99 of these easily. If you’re going big and trying to chill on the patio, get a pitcher. They’re all named after strippers. I’m D.


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