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And like, really epic Thai food. Uncle Boons is your next destination for an ethnic inspired flavor bomb that will knock your bra off. Or your socks, or whatever. Before digging into the coconut sundae (shut up, I went on a 6:15 AM jog this morning), let’s talk green mango salad.

They may have skimped on the avo a bit, but the toasted peanuts made up for it. I’m still deciding how I feel about the crispy dried squid (may forego next time), but the chile and lime mastered the perfect balance of sweet, citrusy and spicy.


Then there was the crab fried rice with egg, cilantro and lime. When they say “large plates,” they ain’t lying. Surprisingly really generous with the lumpy crab meat, which was impeccably tender and really freaking good. Get it. Share it. Inhale it. Pair with white wine. Boom.

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The coconut sundae may or may not change your life. It was that toasted coconut granola situation that essentially transported me to Bali, sipping a mai tai beachside while getting quarter life crisis advice from Buddha. No matter how much you stuffed your face, don’t you dare leave here without consuming this thing or…or else.

Rundown: really good vibes here, great service, and food is worth making a pilgrimage for. Dim lighting, brick walls, funky art, potentially romantic, and a really ambitious menu. There’s also a small bar and really cute tables for two. Unfortunately for my developing palate, I had to pass on frog legs and curry snails, but there a wide animal spectrum (or veggie offerings) for all walks of life. Smaller plates (which are not small) are in the $13 range, while large ones (slightly massive) are in the $25 range. Walk-in’s are welcome, but be prepared to wait. Reservations can be made before 4 PM to play it safe. You should probably make your way now.


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