It’s all Greek to me


Kiki's chinatown

As a locale covered in hanging roasted ducks, mystery buns, and an abundance of all things…Chinese, Chinatown may not seem like a go-to destination for your next Greek outing. Hang your judgments on your haloumi…

because Kiki’s is pretty badass and…fries with fried eggs + jugs of wine + zucchini chips = happy camper on steroids with creamy feta on the side.

FullSizeRender (14)

It’s a half-hidden gem, considering Chinese letters are sprawled across the restaurant front and The New York Times has already covered it, so word is inevitably spreading quickly.

By the time we finished mouthing out our order, the eggplant spread with grilled bread was already making its way over. The service was practically telepathic. Soon enough, the zucchini chips (no-brainer; load up), fries (they were our protein because…eggs), Greek salad, octopus, spanakopita, and straight up wine jug were lounging in front of a ravenous crew of three.

Kiki's chinatown

The Greek salad was the least impressive. The slab of feta was great, but the oil was overpowering in that there seemed to be no lemon or vinegar. The octo was tender and flavorful and the spanakopita was a really nice treat that you can justify as a bowl of steamed spinach because it was green inside. There may or may not have been a cheesecake on the scene at the end, and though it wasn’t a typical God Bless America Philadelphia-infused concoction, the smooth whipped topping perfectly complemented the crunchy and crumbly base. It was different, in a good way.

The atmosphere was very laid back and casual, with street-view open window bar seats, several tables for two, and a dark cozy ambiance (hence my very questionable pictures…oops). The music made it next-level though. It started with Donna Summers and ended with Nelly, so I’ll be back for you Kiki! Just go. Very reasonable prices so you can go hangry and you won’t leave broke.


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