New Fish on the Block


seamores nyc

With variations ranging from porgy to pollock, Seamore’s was everything I ever needed in my life. It’s also right next to my apartment, which is a bit too convenient, and potentially an issue. The tacos are hefty on the fish portion, which is key. (Also, Karlie Kloss was sitting next to me and I still inhaled the tacos. Taco bout taco love.)

seamores nyc

Picture Jenny from the block, but in a taco version. When you realize that makes zero sense, head to Michael Chernow’s latest hit institution, and attack. Spoiler alert: there’s no salmon on the menu at Seamore’s, so get ready to take the adventurous plunge and explore. There’s some funky fish friends on the menu.

seamores nyc

Get the tuna poke. It’s pronounced poh-kee, FYI. The chopped peanuts, Asian flavors and abundance of scallions will make you smile like a clown. Embrace it.

seamores nyc

This is not your ordinary kale salad, so hold off on the anti-kale sentiments. This thing has an added boost and you’re going to want to chug it. I want to shower in that honey-apple vinaigrette.

Service here is extremely friendly. Expect to wait at least an hour, or go at 6 PM and you’re golden. The Oddfellows frozen yogurt is not up for debate, you must get it. Some of the cocktails seem like they are lacking a bit, namely the mojito and mule, but the Shore Thing was pretty spot on. Prices are very reasonable, with the most expensive entrée weighing in at $21.

Run, don’t walk.


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