Dinner This Weekend.


charlie bird nyc

Committing to a restaurant choice sometimes feels like a marriage. Either shit hits the fan and the food is terrible, the service is disastrous and you feel like you’ve been cheated and robbed of calories that could’ve been put to better use or…

a first bite of your entrée can give you butterflies—it can make you feel like you’ve finally found what you’ve been looking for, and you cant wait to spend the rest of your life frequenting this restaurant until death rolls around. I’m a fan of the latter. Okay, here are your weekend options. Go.

First stop: Charlie Bird. The playlist was reason enough to stay. (50 Cent, I have always loved you, particularly when paired with octopus). Good vibes and service, perfect ambiance, good-looking humans, and tasty food. It’s a no-brainer, really. Make a reservation in advance, it gets booked quickly.

bar primi

Second stop: Bar Primi. Snag a nice outdoor spot and inhale tasty Italian food like summer bikini season never existed. And never will. If you’re digging something on the lighter side, the beet salad was excellent, but the branzino can’t be missed. Perfect for one and it’s grilled and ready to devour so you don’t have to pluck out eyeballs and all.

l'artusi nyc

Third stop: L’Artusi. This place is always a score. Swanky Italian at fair prices is always a yes. The pasta portions are definitely for those with a smaller appetite; so don’t forget the mushrooms with the egg on top. Also, the kale salad is a great choice to share or…to hoard.

cafe clover

Fourth stop: Café Clover. I love it here. Everything from the homemade seed crackers to the abundance of healthy menu items and outdoor seating will make you convert to this restaurant in a second. The flavor combinations are also really interesting and work well together. Scallops with curry, pickled peaches and corn, yes, now, thanks. But also, beets, kale, octo…the works.

Bon App.


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