You don’t want to interact with me before my first shot of espresso. Ever. (FYI, I don’t want to interact with you either.)

With that in mind, it would feel criminal not to tap into the celebration of this national holiday. Coffee is the sunshine, avocado toast, and reliable life partner of my existence. It just is. (Is that sad? Just kidding, I don’t care.) It doesn’t fail or let me down (except for the occasional 911 Starbucks stop) and I know it’s always within pinky reach.

Finally, here are my top 5 picks to get the caffeine fix flowing through my soul:

  1. Two Hands in Nolita. It’s my second home. Iced lattes never fail, avocado toast is too good for words, and everyone’s hot. (Image via Two Hands)

twohands2. Happy Bones is also in Nolita. Perhaps I don’t venture out of the hood much. It’s a hole in the wall, but the aesthetic is still pleasing, and the coffee packs a punch. (Image via Happy Bones)


3. El Rey is an LES gem. It’s another hole with an excellent menu and delicious coffee. You wouldn’t regret an inhalation of the kale salad or deconstructed falafel. Or anything and everything else. (Image via El Rey)


4. Toby’s Estate has a special place in my life. The Brooklyn location is almost too perfect. The West Village spot is also a good option for a cozy outing, and the Flatiron locale is for pick ups, plus book browsing at small Strand space within Club Monaco. (Image via Toby’s Estate)


5. WhyNot Coffee is a new LES find. It’s a laptop-friendly shop that may not be so comfortable and spacious (tables are small), but had good vibes, and good brews. (Image via GetCoffeed)


(Opening image via Two Hands)


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