Squash Boats



Except this is more like a yacht (because it’s that sexy)–minus the bikini clad beachgoers sipping sangria and noshing on freshly caught branzino in Santorini. Instead, this is the kitchen sink of innovative cheap dinners, and I promise I will learn how to take better pictures one day.

(Except the lighting in my apartment is a serious dilemma so I might have to bring my dish into the outside world, or sidewalks of Chinatown and see how that works out.) I’m already feeling claustrophobic and I’m currently sprawled out on my couch solo in sweatpants so I may reconsider (re: Chinatown sidewalks are not the most spacious of red carpets.)

This is a what you see is what you get kind of dinner–there is no hidden magic seeking shelter within my Delicata Squash. No beluga balls caviar meandering underneath the goods–just a baked squash stuffed with black beans and farro, and topped off with avocado and tuna salad.

I buy some kind of squash species every time I go to the market. Whether it’s spaghetti squash, butternut, delicata, or acorn, it’s an essential staple that can sit around for a bit while I brainstorm its fate. I’m also always stocked up on tuna (try the Cento Italian tuna and you’ll never eat Bumble Bee again; fact.)

I really had everything lingering in my fridge or cabinet and something clicked in my roller coaster of a brain and boom: this boat was born and I’m living happily ever after knowing that the other half of the squash is in my fridge so that’s one life meal that I don’t have to plan. And it’s free. Kind of.

Side thought: if you’re not digging tuna, a poached or fried egg would work wonders. The end.


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