(Another) Essential Brunch



Run to Santina immediately and chug the coconut iced coffee while slowly inhaling everything else that comes on the beautiful hand painted plates you kind of really want to stash in your purse.

This cold brew situation¬†with coconut milk, coconut extract and a shot of espresso is definitely pushing it with a $7 price tag (my world record for a caffeinated concoction)–but I can’t say I wouldn’t go back for it eternally. I shall.


Santina, you get an award for the heftiest chunks of arugula that have ever caressed my insides, plus the sexiest looking plates (talking aesthetics here) that I’ve seen in a while. Say hello to the arugula and fig salad, which comes in the perfect portion (there’s nothing I despise more than a measly salad like…I’m already eating lettuce, deprive me of greens and die). You can also ogle at the shrimp frittata with fresh oregano and tomato, which actually came with an ample supply of shrimp. (And 2 slices of toast with butter and fig jam!)


Here she is.


This is a cecina, some kind of Tuscan garbanzo flour crepe that arrives on the skillet with either: a guacamole wanabee (but better because of the toasted almonds), smoked salmon, tuna, or truffled egg salad. Pretty tasty and light.

For some reason, the online menu is devoid of prices, which is always a stressful situation because you never know if an omelet is going to cost $12 or $22. Let me give you a quick rundown on the brunch menu. The cecinas are $15, the egg dishes are about $18, salads $15, pastas $19, and sides about $7. It isn’t cheap, but it isn’t pyscho bitch crazy. Somewhere in between.

Definitely worth taking a quick trip to the Meatpacking and eating here. Make a reservation (it’s easier to get a brunch res than dinner), and sit outside while everyone strutting the High Line stomps a bit too hard above you. Prime views of the Whitney, too.


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