The No-Wait Brunch



If you’re not a part of the ‘Nolitan’ tribe, it’s likely you have not encountered Tartinery. Mark this place for your next brunch outing if you don’t feel like waiting an hour at Egg Shop or Two Hands–you won’t regret it.

Brunch is a funny thing, even though there’s nothing funny about paying $17 for Eggs Benedict, etc. but you know what I mean. Maybe you don’t, and that’s cool too.


Meet the revamped avocado toast–a tartine exploding with impeccably seasoned arugula, chopped asparagus, chunky fresh parmesan, toasted pumpkin seeds, a beautifully poached egg, and…smeared avocado lurking beneath the mound of greens.


The cool vibe at this Mulberry street hideaway coupled with a crowd-pleasing menu, relatively fair pricing, and a rustic-ish interior make Tartinery a perfect outing for an alternative, non-scene-y brunch.

FYI, shall your soul not desire one of the many tartines on the menu, the artichoke heart salad happens to be an excellent choice.

The tartines are made with Pain d’Avignon bakery bread, come in 15 varieties, and range from $12-$19.50 (for the die-hard carnivores).

Side note: they have a lunch pre-fix deal for $12.50 that gets you a small tartine and a soup. The end.


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