Please hold while I enlighten the shit out of you.

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cafe henrie yc

If you’re ordering a behind-the-glass-case sandwich, you’re doing life wrong. You’ve failed at maximizing the full coffee shop sandwich potential.I feel it is my duty as a caffeine-doting citizen to show you the way. Please redeem yourself accordingly.

Café Henrie is a new kid on the LES block. Owner André Saraiva is the man behind a gallery graffiti movement, plus the brains behind clubs like Le Baron, Le Bain, and Castel. This is his latest endeavor and I’m having a hard time holding my shit together as I inhale this VLT sandwich. Layered in between toasted multigrain bread is a (whole new) world of Moroccan spiced cauliflower, morning radish, cabbage, parsley, and tahini. It comes adorned with a quinoa salad topped off with squash, herbs, cucumber, shallots, and yogurt vinaigrette.

cafe henrie nyc

17 pastel pink and aqua mini metal diner-style tables, some wooden benches, friendly service, wifi (!), Counter Culture coffee, plus a few other delectable goods like cheese tartine with honey and Brazilian nuts, avocado hash (potato hash, avo puree, a poached egg, and tomato confit), an açai bowl, granola parfait, and more. Average meal weighs in at $10, with coffees around $4.

cafe henrie nyc

Among also selling a few magazines like Purple Magazine, I spotted a few Olympia Le Tan clutches at ding, ding, ding: $1,400. I also disliked my coffee but made a kind recommendation to used Califia Farms almond milk instead of Almond Breeze. That should do the trick.

Run for your life, and get the VLT sandwich, or you can’t sit with us. And by us, I mean me.

Also, everyone who walks in is either: hot, or coachella-esque city peeps. Good looking crowd over all. Not a bad view behind a cauli sandwich.


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