Hefty Aventures



Once in a while, you take a Barry’s Bootcamp class and feel like you get a free pass to go on a fatass spree because you sprinted on a 5% incline at a near-death speed and did enough burpees to literally burp out breakfast.

In this case, Buttermilk Channel in Carroll Gardens does the trick. It was a lovely adventurous trek with Lauren (Melamed) where we decided that we deserved a little indulgence because 2016 is around the corner and…who cares? Kidding. Maybe. Nope. Not at all. Or am I? Whatever.

DO YOU SEE THAT PECAN PIE FRENCH TOAST? Yes, the one with bourbon and toasted pecans. That shit was serious. Everyone else was also eating these overly fluffy pancakes that were literally the size of a 6-month pregnant belly. I just wanted to ask for a bite, but thought it may have been awkward, so I didn’t. But that french toast deserves to be framed.


We also wanted to be healthy so we got the grapefruit and endive concoction which ended up being a rather interesting combination, though I’m not sure I would replicate it.

And since brunch is illegal without an egg dish, we dove in for the spinach, mushroom and goat cheese scramble. That goat cheese is mind altering in the way that you ponder the possibility of them housing a little goat named Billy in their patio, whereas the milking process is literally nipple-to-plate. That freaking fresh. Just eat it. The side salad makes the hash brown healthier too.

The post-feast adventure included a visit to MoMa Ps1. What an odd and interesting world that thing is. The Greater New York exhibit is currently on display, which occurs every 5 years and showcases local talent.


You ain’t seen nothing yet.


You don’t want to mess with this lady. Maybe you do. To each his own.


I feel like he does a lot of yoga. Also could use some butt implants.



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