For Your Healthy New Year



…Or the first 2 weeks of it. In the name of balancing out the french toast from the previous post, I’d like to present you to the lovely world of Cafe Clover.

Don’t underestimate the power of this veggie burger. Something about the combination of those beets and mushrooms topped off with a spicy sweet potato jam was seriously my jam.

Plus, that tahini sauce on the side. Just go, and devour it blindly. It’s vegan, in case that’s your thing.


Then, there is Siggy’s Good Food, whose slogan indicates that “aliens eat free,” and…I still paid. Let me save you the anxiety of scanning through this menu, and just command you to get this pasta-less lasagna of eggplant and zucchini swarming in tomato sauce. It’s massive, tasty, doesn’t photograph well, and the perfect situation for a frigid NYC afternoon. Love the vibe in here, and I’m having recurring dreams about the dish above.

It will be okay. Happy New Year.


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