Feeling Deceived



I consider myself somewhat of a veggie burger connoisseur, among other things. The situation above is clearly not a veggie burger. Hold your buns, it’s coming. Anyways, I was ecstatic to finally inhale some premium goods at Superiority Burger.

From the raving praise to the serious media spotlight, I kind of expected to be a different person after the first bite. GQ called it the best burger of the year, Pete Wells gave it two stars, and there we were (Ilana and I) like…this is a tiny ass burger and it’s all about this “Superiority” Wrap above–a brown rice, tofu, cabbage, and sunflower crunch situation that was deliciously massive for $9.


You can’t tell me this thing above looks like this thing photographed by The New York Times below? No…

nytimes 3

Rewind. I dig the vibe-ish thing here. Tiny little hole-in-the-wall serving up vegan and vegetarian goods with nothing more than 6 seats and minimum counter space. But there’s 11 people working behind the scenes, from cashiers to chefs, and more. Then, we finally received our tray of goods, and there was nowhere to sit and it was 20 degrees out, so no.

I held up one side of the tray, Ilana the other, we stood facing each other near the humans in line while patrolling a table of 2 frolicking about at snail-pace. One hand on tray, other hand on wrap, voila.


Okay, so I probably should’ve gotten the burnt broccoli, but these beets sounded interesting. Sweet and sour beets with fried pretzels, fresh dill, and jalapeno cream cheese. Sounds better than it tastes. Veeeery acidic, and you can’t really stab a pretzel and beet one one bite while digging for cream cheese. Personally, was not a fan of the combination.

The white sweet potato on the other hand (not pictured), with labne and chopped pickles was pretty tasty.

Veggie sides are $5, the burger is $6 and can be made vegan, the wrap was $9, and there’s also an Arnold Palmer on the menu, a burnt broccoli salad for $4, and the Sloppy Dave for $7 which looked pretty awesome. Gelato and sorbet too! Cream cheese gelato and blood orange sorbet to be exact, for $4.

I wouldn’t go back for the veggie burger, but the wrap was a hit, and eventually I’d like to get sloppy with Dave. That is all. Don’t expect to find a seat, but somehow, you’ll figure out a way to make it work. Take-out is probably a good option if you can find a place to squat in the East Village.


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