What she order?



Porgy fillet.

I don’t mind sounding like a broken record when I find it absolutely imperative for certain information to be ingrained in your soul. Seamores is where it’s at. Meet some new swarming species (i.e. porgy) and throw them on your kale salad while simultaneously inhaling the tuna poke, fish tacos, and everything else on the menu.

If you leave without trying the custom vegan Oddfellows key lime pie soft serve with graham cracker crumble…you can’t sit with us.

Eat here. A$AP Rocky.


Also, when I eat salads, I feel like I deserve a slice of cake for eating my greens, and when this happens I want Milkbar’s birthday cake because you should live life like everyday is your birthday. Until your pants don’t fit. Then, don’t wear pants. And keep living life.

Part of me wants to take the Milkbar class and learn how to make this beast, but the functional side of my brain knows that this is the worst idea on the planet, so I’ll probably book a date soon anyway.

That is all.


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