Manhandling Muffins, etc.



You know when you want something really, really badly so you call the store to put it on hold with the deathly fear that there’s only one left on the planet in your size and everyone will die if you don’t obtain your item of desire?

(It happens when you’re in between an 8 and 8.5 shoe size but the shoe is on final sale and you can’t decide whether to chop off your toes and buy the 8, or wear two socks and get the 8.5 so you put it on hold while you ponder the fate of your feet over a cappuccino and decide that you can probably live without those blisters and sale sneakers because somehow, someway, life will go on. But even with that thought, you buy them anyway, just because they sit nicely with your selection and…sale.)


That happened to me this morning. With a muffin. I called and put it a muffin on hold. This wasn’t an ordinary muffin. It was a vegan orange cranberry muffin from Grey Dog that I tried last summer and have had recurring nightly dreams about ever since. I’ve walked into the place like 10 times this year and I was always “too late.” Those are the first things to fly bright and early. I felt defeated as fuck for a full year, wondering if I would ever stick my fingers into this oaty beast again.


Today was my day. I picked up my muffin circa 9:26 AM on my way to work, carefully stashed the muffin in my bag, and rushed to work so I could unpack and devour this thing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s no double chocolate chip banana walnut muffin, but it’s the perfect oaty, nutty, fruity, healthy (I swear!) mound of life that can be easily justified within the first 2 bites. It has a crunchy exterior, and a perfectly moist inside. And it’s gluten and dairy free so it’s literally the same thing as drinking a liter of water.

I can finally start my day feeling fulfilled. I feel whole (grain?) again. Also because I took a 7 AM barre class and had a great latte. Plus some eggs. Maybe a few almonds too.

Also, if you haven’t tried their baked oatmeal yet, then please make your way.

Brb, one bite left.


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