A Mighty Shakshuka



I rarely venture into the TriBeCa hood, but when I do, I likely have a destination programmed into my Google Maps.

The boring intro is that I started my Saturday with a mid-day sweat session at Flywheel. This was only strictly so I can douse my white pita in a plate swarming with olive oil, and walk away convinced I was just getting my Omega-3’s for the day.

So, Gotan. Firstly, +99 points for the generous sprinkling of pine nuts (which I can’t afford at $8.99 for 12 pieces). Tahini was key, too. If you’re not a parsley person, run, because it’s present in abundance. And mingled to form the pesto. The only downside is that it’s not baked into a cast iron skillet, which prevented the shakshuka from remaining piping hot within the time it took to devour this thing. (Potentially 4 minutes, TBD).

Okay, all in all…you should hit up this spot. Coffee shop vibes with a full menu that includes anything and everything you could possibly be craving, some long wooden communal tables, and a relaxed hang-out atmosphere. I’ll be back to post up with magazines, notebooks, and other things I hoard, which I will pair with the avocado toast (potentially a salad, depending on my denim of the day).

Happy Saturday. Don’t forget there’s eggs under there.


2 thoughts on “A Mighty Shakshuka

  1. Hi Alexis, this is Erika’s mom. I love to read your writing and reviews. Did you ever make it to Veselka? You must, best pierogi’s and everything on the menu is great. Lentil salad, baked chocolate custard is a must for dessert!


    1. Hi Linda! Thanks so much, that made me so happy! I still haven’t been, it’s on my never-ending list, I’ll let you know as soon as I go!! xoxo send Erika my love


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