Not Avocado Toast.



I wasn’t feeling avo or eggs because I’ve been overdosing on both as of recent and wasn’t in the mood for more yolks and omega 3’s than my body knows what to do with. I had no particular cravings and decided to go with this Muesli toast because I felt like it and then this thing happened and I inhaled it and it was delicious.

It also feels fucking fab to eat not on top of my laptop at work. My toast was on a nice porcelain plate, on a beautiful marble table, in the perfect angle of sunlight, and for a moment I felt like Buddha.

That’s my entire story, this is the evidence, it went down at Chalait, and I think everyone should try it. The place is definitely overpriced, and it made me kind of sad to forego an iced matcha latte today because it’s essentially the same price as a happy hour margarita and I’m getting that later and you can’t have it all.

Sometimes you can. But not today. Today I had toast with Greek yogurt, fruit, and honey and the bread tasted like a luscious pillow and reminded me how much I would love to live inside a loaf of bread.


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