Friday Mood

feast-worthy, Random Rambling., Things to hoard.


Includes flamingos and cocktails, obviously.

So I take a lot of food and drink images for work and life in general and sometimes, I get a golden shot and this was the case for this julep, which I’m pretty excited about and had to share because LOOK AT THAT SHIT. The best part is chugging it circa 2 PM on a Thursday because who needs a $5 iced almond milk latte when you can pick up the benefits of some recipe testing r&d?


And this is equally as essential because I have a strange flamingo and pineapple fetish that I cannot explain and am very inclined to get it inked somewhere on my humble bod. TBD though. But really, I kind of need one of these flourescent creatures in my crib. This one was spotted doing its thing at the 60 LES tiki rooftop. If you haven’t been, reconsider life in general, and just go this weekend. It ain’t no thing.


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