For the Hoarders

Things to hoard.


If you’re anything like me (dangerous intro to any thought in life), you find temporary taco tattoos and woven baskets with dangling pom poms of equal importance in life. If you identify with either, along with essentials like horse hair keychains and pineapple embellished Soludos, than Thomas Sires is the store you’ve been looking for.

Long live random printed tea towels and funny cards that enhance the life of any hoarder or gift-giver. This Nolita shop can be slightly pricy, but it’s also a good hole-in-the-wall for the unexpected shit you didn’t know you needed in the first place.

I also really love pom poms. And dream catchers. And sangria, and Ja Rule. Also, my mom and my grandma, those are the homies.



3 thoughts on “For the Hoarders

  1. I love this store too! I’m coveting those baskets with pompoms since my last trip to N.Y. Love your writing Alexis and your food picks. Familiar with food blogger Molly Yeh? check it out, you would like her blog. You should go visit Erika in MN, Molly Yeh is doing a book signing there Oct 22nd!


    1. Hi Linda!

      Thank you so much for always following along, and for the nice comments 🙂 Love her! She did a book signing here too, missed it. Hope Erika comes back to NY soon!



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