Tentacles & Tequila



It has corn, therefore it is a vegetable. And it has Serrano, therefore it’s a metabolism booster. It also has tequila, therefore promotes sanity and facilitates f*cked up decision making, which is always essential.

Anyways, this is the Rosarito at Chef’s Club in Nolita, and it was a very pleasant (albeit spicy) way to start the evening. I’ve overcome my fear of eating things with 8 tentacles, so I ordered one to go with the drink.


And here it is, otherwise known as charred octopus, which comes with this awesome little chickpea “panisse,” which is basically a crunchy-on-the-surface pillow and a moist-in-the-middle filling, with some dollops of preserved lemon (great citrus action) and a touch of pistachio. I shared this tentacle with Ernie because that’s what cousins do.

They share tentacles.


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