A pilgrimage



Relax, there’s obviously brunch involved. The pilgrimage was to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, which is a nice stop to make when your grandparents are visiting, though probably more worth it when the cherry blossoms are on the scene.


I’m addicted to my grandparents. They’re the shit. And my grandma is also Martha Stewart-ish in that she’s definitely not a criminal, but she’s very into floral arrangements and such. So we made a nice little trek here, visited the gardens, then headed to Zizi Limona because I needed shakshuka immediately.


Okay, that’s my last non-food pic, and now I can move along to more important things. That looks like Japan. Moving along.


HAVE YOU BEEN TO ZIZI LIMONA? If not, please reevaluate all things life and pita, and head to Williamsburg for brunch or dinner, because both meals here are equally essential. The brunch prix-fixe is a steal. For $15, you get this adorable and epic little mezze situation with crispy cauliflower, babaganoush and quinoa salad with warm pita plus your entree. And for $20, you get all that plus a nice alc beverage.

shak.jpg If I could reside in a bowl of shakshuka, I would do that tonight. I can’t explain the fascination I have with this dish, but it’s a serious situation in that it’s not even a situation because this is the answer and I think I’ve found god and she’s topped off with sunny side eggs.


My grandma is a baller and had this mountain of hummus with shawarma and also had a revelation. It’s a cute and casual place with simple but tasty food and very reasonable prices and a great selection for both brunch and dinner and that’s the end.


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