Random Rambling.


Cozy and Gray.

Gray is one of my favorite colors, whether that’s morbid sounding or not. It’s a staple. Leopard is my other favorite color. I decided to take a break from posting an overpriced cocktail and avocado toast to share a few things that are easily digestible in another way.

You know, like coffee, cozy turtlenecks that hug you like a ball of clouds, The essential Eberjey lacy bra for peep shows and solo encounters alike, an epic scrub to scrape away that…sexy dry skin, and more. I’m having a life debacle over these Loeffler Randall shoes. I’ve tried them on 7 times and they’re a drop uncomfortable and blisters are my middle name so I don’t know. It’s a TBD. Life is complicated.

Also, red lipstick is key. And so are Moleskine notebooks, leopard belts and statement earrings. Those are Dannijo, and that is the end of my schpeal.

Stay tuned for a book-like excerpt on my current quarter life crisis. It’s an encyclopedia-like glimpse into the zoo that is my thought process. Bless us all, my apocalypse is en route.


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