Ugly Picture



Great Pizza.

So last week I finally tried Speedy Romeo for dinner because apparently I’ve been living under a rock or something and it took me a while to go but that’s okay because I shouldn’t be eating pizza regularly anyways. (Only because I can’t cheat on my tacos like that.)

If someone needs to provide intricate details of their pizza experience in order for you to be convinced, that seems like a personal problem. IT’S PIZZA. I would skip their cocktails and opt for wine and beer instead, and feel free to dabble on some octopus while you wait for your pie. The tentacles were quite nice. We got The Kind Brother, with wild mushrooms, smoked mozzarella and an egg on top and it was perfection.

At first glance, I saw a hefty pie arrive and I looked at Carly and was like Omg, this is massive, we should offer some slices to the guys next to us, and she was like Umm, no. Let’s just eat and see how we feel. And then we obviously inhaled it, which is whatever.

I can essentially justify it as a healthy breakfast if I needed to because it had a lot of mushrooms and an egg and some sage for the greens, so we can pretend the crust and cheese is just a side hoe.

Go here. Speedy Romeo, 63 Clinton Street


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