A lunch time revelation

feast-worthy, Random Rambling.


Sometimes, 15 minutes of happiness (and carbs) can cost you $15 and it’s worth every cent (and potentially every pound).

So here’s the thing about lunch time. Heads up: I have the superpower to turn any mundane activity into a life debacle. Some may call it my specialty. UGH, focus Alexis.

This following rant is relevant to my story. The keyboard on my computer has become a mash up of faded capital letters and crumbs. Within every crack and crevice is a healthy heaping of Stevia, month-old quinoa and pretzel salt all held together by my oily popcorn phalanges. (I fucking love the word phalanges.) PHALANGES!!! Oh, this is because I hover over this LCD contraption at all hours of the day, including my 12 PM lunch inhalation, which often includes a sad Tupperware situation thrown together the morning of. It’s usually quinoa and some other things. But there’s always popcorn at some point. Always. Because it’s essentially corn and I need to ensure all my vegetable boxes are checked off.

I totally forgot where I was going with this. Merdeeeee.

OMG. Okay, so today for the first time in several decades (I’ve only been around for 2.5 of them, but say what you will), I took a micro lunch break. I tucked into Toby’s Estate, the charming and overpriced (maybe it’s just New York though) caffeine sanctuary in the West Village. I snagged a window seat, seized a copy of the food section of The New York Times (Ah, PRINT! And…all that funfetti) and allowed myself to be a real human who actually takes a lunch break. It was monumental.


They say it’s the little things in life. Things like taking a 15 minute lunch break filled with delicious reading, a simple avocado toast and topping it all off with a flat white. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t hover over my computer eating #saddesklunches because I’m some kind of overly busy executive with a personal extension and a power suit. I do it because I’m trying to save some cash money records where dreams come true. Though that goes out the window most days because…Duane Reade. I had to buy Tylenol, a new toothbrush and toothpaste this morning and drugstores swallows cash like I swallow wine (I do it gracefully though) so there goes two Sweetgreen salads or four almond milk lattes. Now I’m going to need conditioner, so that’s like two tacos and a margarita. Joy.

RIP to all the food that could have been.

My point is that everyone should step out of life here and there for a real lunch break. I should’ve mentioned that three hours ago before I got lost rambling about random shit. Sit by a window in a cozy corner (or al fresco with an ocean view, depending on where you are on this planet) and savor your meal, enjoy some solo time, do some reading (or just stare at people) and that’s it.

Disclaimer: today’s happiness break ended up costing me like $19 though because I added a granola bar at the end. Why Alexis, why? (Because I had to. And because there’s cinnamon in there, which they say helps reduce the risk of heart disease and lowers blood sugars. Love you too Google.)



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