Late Night Burgers



Fatass Edition.

So if you ever find yourself lingering in the West Village at 1:30 AM and realize that all you ever needed in your life was a big, fat, juicy, cheesy mountain otherwise known as a cheeseburger, just know that Bar Sardine can make your wildest dreams come true.

I feel like it’s also really healthy because of the cucumbers and onions. There’s also some smoked cheddar and crispy potatoes in there along with a slab of BBQ mayo.

Just so you know, I had brushed my teeth and put on my pj’s at 10 PM and was so excited to get cozy with my duvet and than Lauren called and demanded I get dressed immediately because she was en route to my door and we were going to Employees Only and so…I had 5 minutes to become a human and get out the door. This was the post Employees and Wilfie and Nell treat.

Also, don’t underestimate those fries. AND don’t miss out on the warm olives with orange and cumin because you need your greens.

Also. I went to Flywheel this morning and probably burned off like 6 fries, so I’m chilling and leave me alone.




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