Random Rambling.


Whatever that means. (Excludes things like sending in your taxes on time, etc.)

[Just kidding, thanks to Clarita, I actually sent in my taxes on time, thank you very much.]

How often do you exfoliate?


What serum do you use?


What about a hydrating mask?

Crickets. It’s getting awkward.

I got a facial last week for the first time in like 8 years. I’m picky and have sensitive skin and cannot exactly drop $200 to extract my soul out of my pores. But I found my dream lady at Joanna Vargas (flawless Italian specimen named Valentina, FIND HER!) and that was that. And because I’m a sucker, I splurged on a $85 serum. And a $55 mask. And decided I was going to wake up from that day on feeling like P Diddy. (Not really sure what he feels like circa 7:30 AM, but I have a vague idea of him in a fluffy ass ruby red velour robe sprawled across a really high thread count duvet. Is that a thing?)

FYI, there’s nothing edible in this post in case you were waiting for the holy-tits-best-[insert food item here]-ever-in-life-since-inception drop line. 

Moving along. Serums have been a buzzword since I got multi-color braces (and rubberbands! SOS) in 7th grade. I had never purchased a serum before. I now bought a daily hydrating situation and feel really mature moisturizing dollops of this thing on my face and neck every morning. Necks sag, not down. Maybe it’s psychological, but I totally felt like a lady. I have no point, I’m just sharing my first serum experience–in case you had somewhere to be. But if you’d made it this far, you probably don’t.

If I don’t look like Beyoncé in 14 days, maybe I’ll change my regimen. But for now, if you don’t have a serum, I strongly recommend it. Just because. 

This one feels really lightweight and is water-based so it won’t make you feel greasy.

Wrinkle cream next. Then a cheeseburger post or something? 

Image via Free People


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