Unfinished Biz



So I realized I never finished blabbering about the things I inhaled in Paris last month, which is a crime and no way to end the year. What if I didn’t tell the world about my goat cheese quiche? How would people even find purpose? IDK. So here I go. Also, this is how I remember my caloric intake/revelations abroad, which is crucial for when I migrate/elope there and never come back.


On a quiche mission…



I just don’t see where you can go wrong when butter, cream, cheese, eggs and pastry are involved. I am in this city to master the language of baguette, fromage, quiche and wine. And I am here to share my findings, lucky you.

With that in mind, I have been frequenting an array of cafes in search of the perfect quiche. Thus far, my feast at Bread and Roses was mind-blowing. Just two blocks from the Luxembourg gardens is a quaint little cafe with the sexiest quiches I have ever seen. Mine was ricotta, spinach and pine nuts, not my usual selection, but I have had too many salmon and spinach quiches lately– I would rather hold off on the mercury for a sec.

Here is the lowdown. A delicious basket of sliced fruit and nut bread arrives at the table with a large glass of iced water. Rarities in France= ice and bread other than baguette at restaurants. Minutes later arrives the quiche masterpiece with a nice melange of greens on the side. The only downside is that the meal was about 17 euros. It was obviously worth it, if you haven’t drooled from the photo… then theres something terribly wrong with you. 

However, on my way out, I saw that if you take it to go, it’s only about 10 euros. But than you don’t get the amazing bread…So just suck it up, take a seat and enjoy your quiche.

Bread and Roses, 62 Rue Madame, 75006