Unfinished Biz



So I realized I never finished blabbering about the things I inhaled in Paris last month, which is a crime and no way to end the year. What if I didn’t tell the world about my goat cheese quiche? How would people even find purpose? IDK. So here I go. Also, this is how I remember my caloric intake/revelations abroad, which is crucial for when I migrate/elope there and never come back.


A sexy cod


Indeed it was. Enter Les Cocottes, one of Christian Constant’s prized possessions and you will find a menu with all dishes in their proper crock pot. For Carly’s last night, Yael, Sammy and I met for a little wine and dine and a romantic moment at the Eiffel.

ImageThe salad with the poached egg was awesome. My fish was an emotional experience-had a little tinge of Thai flavor; it was excellent. I could’ve eaten his family as well but… Great wine at decent prices (somehow managed a Bourgogne carafe for 12 euros?)


We topped off the meal with dessert wine, a chocolate mousse and a pear and dark chocolate crumble. We only didn’t get the fabulous Christian Constant chocolate tart because David Lebovitz said it wasn’t fabulous. I was unimpressed by the desserts; the crumble was cold and the mousse was okay. It was all about the cod. And the company. Cocottes opens at 7 and you can’t reserve. 


Next stop was a little hello to the Eiffel Tower. Had a nice touristy moment, said our goodbyes and off we went our separate ways. Well, not goodbyes, just “See you later’s.” 

ImageYael and I kept the night flowing with a nice punch bowl…for 2 at Candelaria, my absolute fave. The table of 6 guys next to us ordered the same thing…and didn’t finish it. But we don’t do leftovers. We devoured our monstrous salad bowl of punch and off we went for a four cheese panini.

ImageLes Cocottes, 135 Rue Saint-Dominique, 75007 (appetizers 10 euros, mains 20-30)

Candelaria, 52 Rue de Saintonge, 75003. (Probably could’ve gone for a second bowl…)


Hanging with Frieda


I found my fave bar in Paris I think. Candelaria, some Mexican joint in Le Marais, looks like a shabby taco hole-in-the-wall at first glance but then…you go passed a small kitchen, through some little white door and you enter this amazing bar with fabulous drinks.


It’s loud. There’s a furry thing going on on the wall, which was a beauty. I wanted to take it home. Tanya and I ferociously caressed it instead.

ImageAmazing drinks. Wild and weird. I could’ve sworn the “Le jardin de mémé” tasted like a pesto ravioli, in the best way possible. (maybe because it had a basil leaf…?) Well Alex and Daniel got that, and Tanya and I had some rum concoction with raisins and I don’t know what else… All great.
Ps. They kick you out at 1:45 am so plan accordingly. And you should probably get the punch, it comes in a massive salad bowl and feeds 4-6 humans for 54 euros and tastes really good and citrusy. Probably the best deal considering individual cocktails 12 euros.

Good to know: you can reserve at the bar from 6-10 for up to 5 people. GO. NOW. Oh, and supposedly there are some bomb tacos but there is only one communal table if you want to eat. Next time, I’ll be having some guac and chips with my draaank.

Candelaria, 52 Rue de Saintonge, 75003