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By the time I finally make the executive decision to crawl out of bed, it’s somehow Sunday evening and than Monday and than…WTF, I’m having my morning espresso, dark circles creeping under leftover mascara smudge, and bun high on my head to blend right in at the gym full of Lululemon-heads with biceps bigger than my ass house.





Okay, no significant other up in here. It’s 20 degrees and I can be found fondling my duvet with kettle popcorn, a bottle of semi-decent French wine and a shitload of dark chocolate. The good thing is, chocolate and wine never let you down. They’re always there for you. Except when you end up buying a shabby bottle and the chocolate is stale, but I have never met a chocolate i didn’t like.

If you can’t eat it, wear it.


ImageI’d rather save the buttery cals and go for a golden croissant instead. Either go for the gold or…buy 1,284 croissants at the boulangerie (I actually did the conversions and math; I don’t mess around.) Tough call, considering the fact that that would mean a daily dosage for three years vs. a purse that equals roughly a month’s rent. Decisions decisions…(not really though)

Charlotte Olympia, $1,695