Unfinished Biz



So I realized I never finished blabbering about the things I inhaled in Paris last month, which is a crime and no way to end the year. What if I didn’t tell the world about my goat cheese quiche? How would people even find purpose? IDK. So here I go. Also, this is how I remember my caloric intake/revelations abroad, which is crucial for when I migrate/elope there and never come back.


Nutella overdose


ImageTime is flying and there’s just too many restaurants I am in need of trying, and others I have visited and haven’t shared (they are all making their way over here, no worries.)

Grazie, a rustic pizza spot I dined at with Brittany, Jessica and Clarita when they were in town is a great little neighborhood option. A big glass box from the outside, and a cozy and nicely decorated pizza masterpiece from the inside. Essentials include the ricotta appetizer with grilled bread and…the Nutella pizza. Words cannot describe. For 20 euros a head, we ordered a nice bottle of Italian wine, two ricotta appetizers, two pizzas and a nutella pizza…Yes, for four girls.

Reservations are advised.

Oh, and than you should head to Le Mary Celeste, an oyster bar with great cocktails (all 12 euros) and wines nearby. They carry oysters from around the globe at 2-4 euros a pop, unless you go during happy hour where they are one euro. They also have bites like chicken lettuce wraps, chinese beef crepes and chocolate creme desserts.. Good vibes.

Grazie, 91 Boulevard Beaumarchais, 75003

Le Mary Celeste,1 rue Commines, 75001