Let’s TACO-bout it.


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If Immaculate Infatuation says it’s a go, than you don’t need brainpower or reassurance to confirm any doubts. You just go for the #eeeeeats and triple dip your crunchy fresh, homemade chips in a stunning batch of guac and some salsas (smoked cashew? Cute breath, but yes) at Empellon Taqueria and call it a night.


I disappeared again


But now I’m back. Well, back in Madison, Wisconsin that is.

kotobukiLet’s be real. No one does the maxed out gastro scene like NYC. What on earth am I going to come up with from this side of town? Probably exciting recipes…so I have a motivation to cook them. Anyways, above. Dinner at Kotobuki in NYC. A restaurant I may or may not have stumbled upon on…Instagram. Amazing/fried/spicy mayo alert. But that spicy tuna pizza…seriously bomb. The rice was umm, fried to perfection? Serious crunch going on. No complaints. Then we have those K-Mac sliders, pretty creative I must say. I’ve had wild variations of spicy tuna in my lifetime, but these were a serious indulgence that I need to go back for. ASAP. Btw, we also had a couple of rolls and everything was amazing.

mercadito1Hello guac and margs, get at me. There’s something irresistible about guacamole. Without fail, anytime a menu item has avocado I’m sold. Although I must say, although the dining experience with Lauren at Mercadito was fab, the guacamole was missing a little lime. But…nothing a squeeze of lime couldn’t fix. It did. Done. I had Mexican on my mind and after a considerable amount of research and Yelp reviews, we headed for Mercadito. Classic margaritas for an appetizer because…as I said, the guacamole was missing some lime. Then round two got a little more exciting. Mine was the reddish color one without the deathly pepper. It was amazing…hibiscus, lime and orange juice.


And then…we got to work. We basically took our waitress’s advice very seriously and followed the menu commands. Crispy beer-battered mahi mahi with chipotle aioli and some kind of Mexican coleslaw–delicious. And then…the winner. So, about that shrimp enchilada with creamy tomatillo sauce and lots of cheese. Get it. The whole enchilada yo.

We may or may not have made a quick pit stop at Big Gay Ice Cream shop afterwards…only because it was across the street and yolo.

Kotobuki, 56 3rd Ave 

Mercadito, 100 7th Ave South at grove street (locations in NY and Miami)

Hanging with Frieda


I found my fave bar in Paris I think. Candelaria, some Mexican joint in Le Marais, looks like a shabby taco hole-in-the-wall at first glance but then…you go passed a small kitchen, through some little white door and you enter this amazing bar with fabulous drinks.


It’s loud. There’s a furry thing going on on the wall, which was a beauty. I wanted to take it home. Tanya and I ferociously caressed it instead.

ImageAmazing drinks. Wild and weird. I could’ve sworn the “Le jardin de mémé” tasted like a pesto ravioli, in the best way possible. (maybe because it had a basil leaf…?) Well Alex and Daniel got that, and Tanya and I had some rum concoction with raisins and I don’t know what else… All great.
Ps. They kick you out at 1:45 am so plan accordingly. And you should probably get the punch, it comes in a massive salad bowl and feeds 4-6 humans for 54 euros and tastes really good and citrusy. Probably the best deal considering individual cocktails 12 euros.

Good to know: you can reserve at the bar from 6-10 for up to 5 people. GO. NOW. Oh, and supposedly there are some bomb tacos but there is only one communal table if you want to eat. Next time, I’ll be having some guac and chips with my draaank.

Candelaria, 52 Rue de Saintonge, 75003