A Miami Quickie

feast-worthy, Miami
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Zak the Baker, doing baker things.

In an era where fast casual dining is taking over, Zak is striving for the opposite. “I wanted a slow casual place,” said Zak when I asked to tap into his secret sauce-y life. “I’m not trying to be the next Chipotle. We have 50 employees, we don’t make very much, but it’s perfect.” That was almost as cute as his honey butter toast.


Cocktail Spotlight: Bardot



Just wanted you to meet the Honey Mule from Bardot. Next time you’re at this Miami lounge and decide to resort to your lame calling (vodka soda, or anything of that nature), go for a little splurge and order this instead. It’s their version of a moscow mule, with a nice touch of honey, and unfortunately is served in a glass cup instead of a copper one.

Around town


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If you have the honor or residing in Planet Miami, than The Broken Shaker should be home base in the cocktail department. I think I was going to need emergency chocolate resuscitation after sipping the spiciest mango caipirinha of all times, but I ain’t complaining. I found the key to the ultimate anti-chug cocktail: make it spicyyyy. So that was that. The other fancy one with a nice herby touch, that was a special request by DLacs, because she likes citrus+spicy, and special humans get special requests.

Elastic pants and pasta


Lorenzo the Redbury Miami

The thing with buttons on your pants is that…they don’t always button. There’s nothing sexier than a muffin top—when it’s of the freshly baked chocolate chip banana variety. But when there’s a superfluous overflow of excess skin hanging over a pair of skintight Rag & Bone’s, suddenly the muffin scenario is not as enticing. Luckily…this wasn’t the case on this lovely date night with Ilana.

Pardon my absence


ImageI’ve been…busy eating? Partially true I guess, but obviously no excuse. Well this little Thanksgiving break has unfortunately come to an end, so goodbye to tuna tartars and popovers. A ball full of buttery, melt-in-your-mouth bread was probably not the best “snack” after a spinning class and a lunch mojito but that’s why there’s a nice little cube of tuna tartar. Too bad you can’t see the stack of handmade chips that came in the silver tin, which are now deep down in my belly. It’s all good. BLT Steak. Go.

BLT Steak, 1440 Ocean Drive, Miami

Coffee time


The point is…they have almond milk at Panther Coffee. Such a nice Starbuck’s swap (I was never a Starbuck’s girl however…when in Paris and you ask for a coffee and they give you some bitter ass espresso, so you go for the American portions at yours truly. And they have a punch card. Yes, I got my free one.)


Panther Coffee, 1966-1974 Purdy Ave, 33139