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Great Pizza.

So last week I finally tried Speedy Romeo for dinner because apparently I’ve been living under a rock or something and it took me a while to go but that’s okay because I shouldn’t be eating pizza regularly anyways. (Only because I can’t cheat on my tacos like that.)


Aunty Clau


Quite the delay over here since my last post. I’ve been busy eating my way through town. So many restaurants, so little time and very little space left until the button on my jeans completely bursts… Yolo?


So… about last night’s dinner at Rubirosa. Clau, my hot aunt, has been in NYC for the weekend and she is quite the dangerous feasting partner. Only because she eats as much as I do but…she’s a toned hot mama and…well…whatever.

So that pizza is one of the signature items on this Italian spot’s menu. It’s the vodka pizza with fresh mozzarella, and that happens to be the small portion…We walked in at about 8:30, the place was jamming, and homegirl told us there was about a 45 minute wait but that we could seat ourselves at the bar (there was no availability there either.) But once she saw that we literally eyed the shit out of every table’s dishes, approached everyone about what they were eating what their favorites were, she basically sat us right away. The crust was thin so I just told myself it wasn’t too unhealthy, that it was more or less like eating a few crackers with tomato sauce and cheese with a shot of vodka? The little trio of parmesan, oregano and red pepper flakes totally made it top of the line, get-in-my-belly status. We killed it. And then, this side of kale with garlic, oil and crispy shallots- amazing.


And of course…we also indulged in a nice black and white tagliatelle with an entire ocean inside: clams, mussels, scallops, shrimp and calamari. Wait, now that I analyze the situation, I’m wondering if they mistakenly brought us the regular pasta instead of the whole wheat we requested? Shit. Many of the pizzas can be ordered gluten-free, and some of the pastas are gluten-free as well. We loaded up on the gluten but next time…maybe I’ll switch it up.

So that’s me and Clau, food-comatose and ready for our next adventure. Which included a nice stroll through town after some wine and a carb overload (and my three cracked-out margaritas prior at Piano’s.) We ended up at Tartinery for a chocolate fondant. I can’t decide what I’d go back here at this little French spot…the fondant au chocolat, or our hot Frenchie waiter.

Anyways, everyone should give Rubirosa a try–it was recommended by my friend Tanya G, and I would gladly go back any day of the week.

Rubirosa, 235 Mulberry Street (between Spring and Prince)

Tartinery, 209 Mulberry Street (fondant not pictured above. It would just be too much food. I think it’s borderline not lady-like of me. Although…we did indeed eat it and it is on my Instagram: @bendjouia)


Nutella overdose


ImageTime is flying and there’s just too many restaurants I am in need of trying, and others I have visited and haven’t shared (they are all making their way over here, no worries.)

Grazie, a rustic pizza spot I dined at with Brittany, Jessica and Clarita when they were in town is a great little neighborhood option. A big glass box from the outside, and a cozy and nicely decorated pizza masterpiece from the inside. Essentials include the ricotta appetizer with grilled bread and…the Nutella pizza. Words cannot describe. For 20 euros a head, we ordered a nice bottle of Italian wine, two ricotta appetizers, two pizzas and a nutella pizza…Yes, for four girls.

Reservations are advised.

Oh, and than you should head to Le Mary Celeste, an oyster bar with great cocktails (all 12 euros) and wines nearby. They carry oysters from around the globe at 2-4 euros a pop, unless you go during happy hour where they are one euro. They also have bites like chicken lettuce wraps, chinese beef crepes and chocolate creme desserts.. Good vibes.

Grazie, 91 Boulevard Beaumarchais, 75003

Le Mary Celeste,1 rue Commines, 75001

Chic or Chick?


Leave it to holy brother Daniel to make all sophisticated words in French sound like some kind of calle ocho dialect. “Chic” in French, meaning stylish or posh, is not the same as “chick” as in the young bird or girl…


Anyway, Pizza Chic was an amazing pizza discovery in Paris. Nice ambiance, great menu and the best mozzarella a cow can produce. Make sure to overdose on the balsamic glaze from Modena, which I nearly drank. The carciofi grigilati AKA grilled artichoke appetizer is greatly recommended (comes with a nice piece of burrata)…as is the antipasto chic, which is a charcuterie plate with grilled veggies and more mozzarella…


We got the diva pizza (mushrooms, olives, tomatoes, mozzarella and jambon) as well as the crudaiola pizza that was hidden under the tastiest bed of roquette. The guy at the table next door had the grilled vegetarian pizza which looked phenomenal.

pizza chic3
There is a nice beverage selection, including Alain Milliat juices and wine/champagne/rum/whiskey etc. Great cappuccino as well. Oh, and they have nutella pizza, which I happened to have devoured last week at Grazie, I’ll tell you about it in a sec.

Pizzas from 16-21 euros. Appetizers from 10-18 euros. Do it.

Pizza Chic, 13 Rue de Mézières, 75006