Summer Called

Things to hoard.

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It said bikini season has ariveth and thou shall stop closet eating truffle pizza and mounds of dark chocolate. Just Kidding. If I got that call, I would grumble a “wrong number” and return to my Popcorners. No, but really…


Gifts for the beauty queen


ImageIt’s crunch time for the gifting season. Well, kind of. Here are the winners for the ladies. I’ll take one of each, in case anyone was wondering…

Those Chanel polishes were just launched this month, the NARS x Guy Bourdin sets are lovely, and Kiehl’s and L’occitane always make great gift sets with killer creams. Seriously, lather up in those lotions and your world may change. Wait, and that bright beachy pouch…get at me for all occasions, year-round.

Eye palette set is Bobbi Brown (perfect color combo)/ Electric yellow pouch: Samudra/ leopard pouch: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Don’t forget to buy yourself a gift, we all deserve. All of them.


A pop of color



A dash of color goes a long way. You could be sporting a monotonous outfit, and a vibrant clutch will instantly brighten your look. Check out these not-so-subtle alternatives to rescue your style on a gloomy day.

The fact that the assortment resembles a palette of Swedish Fish and Sour Patch is already a mood-booster…

Red: MeDusa// Blue: Issey Miyake// Leopard: Kenzo// Pink: Sophie Anderson// Twilight scene: Samudra// Neon: Zara