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If you have the honor or residing in Planet Miami, than The Broken Shaker should be home base in the cocktail department. I think I was going to need emergency chocolate resuscitation after sipping the spiciest mango caipirinha of all times, but I ain’t complaining. I found the key to the ultimate anti-chug cocktail: make it spicyyyy. So that was that. The other fancy one with a nice herby touch, that was a special request by DLacs, because she likes citrus+spicy, and special humans get special requests.


sips of summer


broken shaker

Everyone knows that a refreshing beverage is the anthem of summer. Especially in humid, frizz-inducing Miami days, with thick air and hot rain (except on those perfect beach days when it’s 90 and sunny). Sorry, I just came from Madison so I’m trying to readjust to the climate (no complaints).

Summer Fun


broken shaker

And naturally, the welcoming of summer sunshine is celebrated with delicious cocktails. Enter The Broken Shaker, a hostel bar wonderland in the Indian Creek hood, and you find a casual outdoor setting perfect for igniting frizzy hair and a sip of heaven. From the left, a not too pretty but very tasty “Thai Basil Mule,” some lemony, basil, citrus and vodka drink topped with homemade ginger beer. Then, I happened to also gulp a spicy vanilla bourbon thing because…it was the daily special and I didn’t want to miss out on life and calories. And leave it to Danielle to find a place that infuses a cocktail with um..kale and cucumber juice, along with turmeric, red pepper and tequila. Not too shabby.

Winner: that sexy one in the middle. Cocktails: $11 (but specials of the day are $7.) PS. The food menu looked bomb. Not to spoil it, but just to leave you drooling and salivating, since I am working up an appetite myself and…misery loves company! I mean, if a flatbread with smoked gouda, potato, rosemary, onion, purple asparagus and red watercress doesn’t turn you on, then we can’t be friends ($8) and theres some jars you can mess around with that house marinated olives or candied pecan clusters.

The Broken Shaker, 2727 Indian Creek Dr, 33140