A pilgrimage



Relax, there’s obviously brunch involved. The pilgrimage was to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, which is a nice stop to make when your grandparents are visiting, though probably more worth it when the cherry blossoms are on the scene.


It’s been centuries



…since I’ve posted. But now I’m back with some goods. One good. Llama Inn. I fucking love llamas.

And establishments that sound like an obscure motel near a petting zoo where you can put 25 cents in a gum ball machine and leave with a plastic hot pink llama or stale bubble gum ball and call it a day, but it’s not. I have no idea what I just said, but hear me out.

Smorgasburg- don’t judge.


Smorgasburg, AKA a total beast of a feast (Saturdays in Williamsburg, Sundays in DUMBO) was perfection. And being the creature that I am, I went all out because well, I needed content for the Leopard. Kidding (not really.) But I figured, I might as well satisfy every possible craving I muster up in this 105 degree food festival in Brooklyn because returning could be very dangerous.

ImageSo, first and foremost, this is what I did not eat. Ilana had the mac and cheese and I had about three bites; it was phenominal. You choose your toppings, in this case, caramelized onion and bread crumbs, and then…there is a cheese party in your mouth that you need to discover on your own. On my way out, I made eye contact with this bread pudding. But that’s as far as the encounter went. Don’t think I contained myself because…

ImageIt was my first lobster roll…ever. Word around town was that Red Hook Lobster Pound made some bomb lobster rolls, so I figured it was only appropriate and common sensical to dig in. I got my claws on the standard one, the Maine lobster roll, which was served cold with mayo (blah), celery, spices and some toasted buttery bun. It was delicious. It was also $16, which may be the most expensive thing at Smorgasburg but hey…lobster is lobster! They have two other kinds: the Connecticut style roll with warm butter, or the Tuscan style, with a basil vinaigrette and some greens–I think I’ll try this next time (will there be a next time?) Okay. Enough. Next up, the Palenque booth, some homemade Colombian food. I went for the multigrain arepa (trying to keep things healthy here) with some veggie chorizo, arugula, chipotle mayo, some wasabi thing, and cheese ($10). It was quite interesting. I mean…it is veggie chorizo after all, but it was bursting with flavor. However, next time I will probably go with an original corn arepa to keep my life a little more balanced.

ImageIn honor of the heat-stroke weather, Ilana and I shared this cookie sandwich from The Good Batch ($6). You need to get this. Oat chocolate chunk cookie with sea salt and drizzled fudge and vanilla ice cream. The other option was a coffee caramel one…next time!

And since Jimmy’s life-long dream was to make a star appearance on the Leopard…I snuck a couple of pics to boost his modeling career.jim

 Long, sexy legs.